Killer 7 Reservation

We were hurting for subs and reserves today at the store, so I pre-ordered Killer 7. Having read up on it recently, I’m quite intrigued by the game. Considering the fact that I do tend to like so-called “arty” films, I’m interested in a game that people are calling the very “first video game art film”. The concept certainly sounds interesting — one assassin, multiple personalities, with each personality having a different expertise. Unlike other people with Multiple Personality Disorder, the main character, Harman Smith, physically changes with each shift to a different personality. How handy, because Harman Smith is a 60-year-old wheelchair-bound man. I’m looking forward to it. I hope it turns out to be good. I’m tired of being disappointed when the final release doesn’t live up to the hype. Death by Degrees, anyone? Poor Nina. :-(