Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Related Topics

I just thought of something. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is coming out very soon. I still haven’t finished Final Fantasy VII. Indeed, the only reasons I got the game were: 1) to finally find out what all the hype about this game is about, and 2) because the trailer for Advent Children looked so good, and I want to see that movie, and since it’s a sequel, I couldn’t very well see the second part without playing the first.

The prospect of playing FFVII is distasteful at the moment, to be honest. I just got really bored by the gameplay, and overwhelmed by all the menus. Maybe I’m just not used to menu-intensive RPG gameplay. Maybe I’m more of an action/adventure/fighter/shooter kind of gamer. I don’t know. I honestly did give FFVII a good shot, but it just utterly failed to captivate me. I’m sure Final Fantasy fan boys and girls will be aghast at this revelation. Newsflash: not everyone is instantly addicted to or even likes Final Fantasy games.

And really, if a cliched, but well-excecuted RPG like Golden Sun held my attention so much so that I was virtually addicted to it till I finished, then why couldn’t a game like Final Fantasy VII? Perhaps there will never be an answer to that one. All I know is that I had better find out what exactly happened in Final Fantasy VII, before I see Advent Children.

Maybe it was Final Fantasy VII itself. Maybe I need to try another Final Fantasy game. I hear from my friends that FFX and FFX-2 are pretty good. Though, the main reason I’d be playing FFX-2 would be for the, uh, ‘scenery‘. Maybe FFVI would be a better choice.