Sexy Console Action

Saturday, I came late to the party and bought myself a PlayStation 2 (SCPH-70012 CB model). It’s so svelte and sexy. It’s hot stuff, let me tell you. I’ve boxed up my PS1, and I’m going to put it away somewhere once I find the controller.

I’ve been playing Katamari Damacy and Tekken 4. I’m not going to go crazy with buying games since my backlog is already large. I will hold off on buying Death by Degrees and Resident Evil 4 (GameCube) for a while — maybe until the prices drop and I see some reviews. However, as the Death by Degrees release date draws near, and as the demo reel loops on the TV at work, I’m finding it harder to resist the temptation of Nina Williams. She’s my favourite Tekken character, you see.

When I was at work on Saturday, a customer came into the store with her children. She wanted to sell her SNES to us, because she knows that GameStop buys used systems. We do not buy SNESs, unfortunately. We suggested that there was another store that does buy older used systems, but she said she didn’t want to travel that far just to sell an old SNES. I asked her if it worked, and she replied that it did. I offered to buy it from her, but noted I didn’t have any cash on me at the time. I suggested that I could pay her through PayPal or we could work something else out. She told me that she knew that she wouldn’t get very much for the console. She just didn’t want to throw it away, so, she said that I could have it. She was just happy that it wouldn’t go to waste. Cool beans!

The lady’s SNES lacks the AV cable, which is fine because I still have my own SNES and all the accessories (with box and instructions, because I’m anal like that). There were also three games (unboxed, no instructions) that the lady left: Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World, and NBA Jam. This is all kinds of awesome because the only games I have for my SNES are Super Metroid (with box and instructions) and Darius Twin (just the game). I had sold most of my SNES games in a fit of youthful stupidity. The lady also left two controllers, the AC adapter, and for some reason, two GameCube controller extension cords. One of my co-workers wanted one of the SNES controllers because the shoulder buttons on one of his SNES controllers wouldn’t work. I let him have it because I was feeling generous, and only needed one extra SNES controller. One of my old SNES controller’s shoulder buttons gets stuck.

The problem with my old SNES is that the screen is all wonky. Pixels won’t display properly, but the games are still playable. I’ve just tested the SNES that the lady gave me, and everything is functioning properly. All pixels are accounted for. The console and the systems are a bit dusty, and they’ve had good use from what I can see. I’ll clean them up today and challenge my brother to a game of Super Mario Kart tonight. My Koopa Troopa will make mincemeat of his Princess. Bwahaha!

My good fortune was such that one of my friends wouldn’t believe that a complete stranger just gave me a SNES. He couldn’t fathom how anyone could do such a thing. He even made me prove that it was me (and not my brother) on the other side of the MSN conversation by having me type something about him that my brother couldn’t know. I passed his test, but I think he still doubts about the SNES. I’m not going to go to all the trouble of taking a pic of me with two SNESs, so he’ll just have to believe me.